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The explicit diisocyanate used and the particular triorganosilyl diamine employed may be diversified widely as lots of the examples which have been given above point out. Compounds of the overall Formula VII have makes use of in making the polysilylureas of Formula IV and finally polyureas of Formula V. as well as, they can be utilized to make polyimides of the sort disclosed in Boldebuck et al. application Serial Number 359,928, filed concurrently herewith and assigned to the same assignee as the present utility. Found, Theoretical, % percent 6 manufactured by Du Pont).

We take no responsibility for the content material on any website which we hyperlink to, please use your personal discretion whereas surfing the links. The process as in claim 6 in which the isocyanato compound is toluene-2,four-diisocyanate and the triorganosilyl amine is N,N-bis piperazine. The process as in claim 6 by which XNXZ the isocyanato compound is toluene diisocyanate and the triorganosilyl amine is N,N’-bis-p-phenylenediamine. The course of as in declare 6 in which the isocyanato compound is para-phenylene diisocyanate and the triorganosilyl amine is N,N’-bis -p-phenylenediamine. The course of as in declare 6 in which the isocyanato compound is toluene-2,4-diisocyanate and the triorganosilyl amine is N,N’-bis-p,p-diaminodiphenyl ether.

Included among such compositions used as beginning supplies are these having triorganosilyl piperazine substitutions in which all methyl teams are substituted by both all ethyl groups or by all phenyl teams. Example eight To illustrate the importance of the silyl substitution on the natural diamine, toluene-2,four-diisocyanate was reacted with para-phenylene diamine in the same method as was described in Example 7. For solubility reasons, this reaction was carried out while the ingredients have been dissolved in N-methyl pyrrolidone.

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Thus, one is able to make use of basically the entire atoms within the polysilylurea in the formation of useful polyureas. It will after all be obvious to those expert within the artwork that along with the conditions or intermediate components which have been employed above for making the polysilylureas and the polyureas, other conditions and components may be employed without departing from the scope of the invention.

  • The formation of the polyurea containing fewer silyl groups than the beginning polysilylurea, or a polyurea fully freed from silyl teams, can be completed by exposing the polysilylurea to air, preferably of from 70 to relative humidity.
  • This polymer when dried beneath vacuum beneath anhydrous situations, was a polysilylurea composed of recurring items of the method.
  • This results hydrolysis of the triorganosilyl groups to type the corresponding disiloxane with the substitution of a hydrogen atom in place of the triorganosilyl group on a nitrogen atom.

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With respect to Z alone, when it is a part of a cyclic radical containing the 2 nitrogen atoms, Z could be, for example, the divalent ethylene radical, each the methylene radical and the higher alkylene radicals, such as the pentamethylene radical when the two nitrogens are nearer together in the ring, and so on. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that m is 1 only when the grouping of Formula III is acyclic, while in is zero, only when the latter grouping is cyclic in nature. Where R is an arylene radical, any substituents thereon can be in any of the positions vicinal, symmetrical and asymmetrical to the valences of the arylene radical linked to the isocyanate radicals. The valences of the arylene group may be diversified in ortho-, meta-, or para-positions with the metaor para-positions 7 being the preferred arrangement.

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(Cl. ) This invention is anxious with polysilylureas, their preparation, their conversion to polyureas, and intermediates used to make these polysilylureas. More particularly the invention relates to a process for making polysilylureas which contains effecting reaction between a diisocyanate of the formula OCNRNCO with a triorganosilylamine of the method R3 S iN Z-N S iR Rllm R!!! the place R is a divalent natural radical, R is a monovalent hydrocarbon radical, R is a member selected from the class consisting of hydrogen and monovalent hydrocarbon radicals, and the grouping lTIZ-1TT- (R /I)m (RI/)m is a divalent organic radical chosen from the category consisting of natural radicals terminated by two nitrogen atoms with Z being a divalent natural moiety, and alicyclic radicals in which Z with the two nitrogens forms a cyclic diamine construction, and m is an entire number from 0 to 1, in being zero only when the aforesaid grouping is alicyclic. The invention additionally includes polysilylureas of the formula (IV o o e m tr 81B; R»,,, R»m SiRa x where R, R, R», Z and m have the meanings above and x is a complete number in excess of l, for example from to 10,000 or extra and as high as one hundred,000 or higher; and the conversion of those polysilylureas to polyureas of the method IiI R»m R» m H the place again R, R», Z, In and x have the meanings given above, the mentioned polyureas being fashioned by the hydrolysis of the polysilylurea to remove the -SiR teams to type the polyureas and disiloxanes of the method R’ OSiR’ the place R has the that means given above.

These movies had a tensile power of about 6485 p.s.i. Exposure of the polysilylurea to moist air gave a stable polyurea of recurring items of the method This polyurea, which could possibly be heated at temperatures up to nearly 260 C. earlier than any proof of decomposition, was immune to most solvents, though soluble in such solvents as dimethyl formamide. Films and fibers were helpful as electrical insulation and for prime temperature cloths, respectively, might be forged or spun from solutions of this polyurea in dimethyl formamide. By utilizing the diamine because the hydrolyzing agent, it’s converted immediately right into a disilyl diamine which may then be used to make additional polysilylureas by response with the suitable diisocyanate. In addition, when Z with the 2 nitrogens in a cyclic natural radical containing the nitrogen within the ring structure such groupings can be, for example, the piperazyl radical of the formulation the place R is a monovalent hydrocarbon radical similar to these recited for R , and p is a whole number from to 4, inclusive.


It must be recognized that both the polysilylureas and the polyureas derived therefrom will undoubtedly have a terminal group. Although I do not wish to be bound by this understanding, nevertheless, it is believed that no less than one of many terminal teams, whether or not or not it’s a polysilylurea chain or a polyurea chain, is of the formulation Where one valence of the nitrogen is hooked up to the urea chain whereas the opposite valence of the nitrogen is glad by either a triorganosilyl group or a hydrogen atom, relying on whether one is coping with a polysilylurea or a polyurea.

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The triorganosilyl diamines of Formula II can be prepared by reacting a diamine of Formula VIII with a triorganohydrolyzable silane of the formula the place R, R, Z, and 111 have the meanings given above, and X is a halogen, for example, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and so forth. Among the triorganohydrolyzable silanes which may be employed are, for example, trimethylchlorosilane, triphenylchlorosilane, methyldiethylbromosilane, tritolylbromosilane, triethylchlorosilane, tribenzylchlorosilane, etc. By getting into this web site you swear that you’re of legal age in your area to view grownup materials and that you simply want to view such material.All porn videos and pictures are property and copyright of their house owners.All models appearing on this web site had been 18 years or older on the time the videos has been produced. XVideos.com – one of the best free porn movies on web, 100% free. A composition of matter having the method Where R is a monovalent hydrocarbon radical and Q is a divalent aryl radical chosen from the class consisting of phenylene, xenyl, diphenylene oxide, and diphenylene alkanes of the method Where R’ is a divalent alkyl radical.

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